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    Magnum Venus Plastech has been active in the China market since 1983, and continues to be the world leader in composites technology.

    Regardless of the customer’s needs, MVP can provide the most modern application technology and machinery: Chopper, gelcoat, wetout,


adhesive, putty, RTM, reciprocator, filament winders, and others.

    In 2007 MVP purchased Plastech- thus the name change to Magnum Venus Plastech. This acquisition underscores the company’s commitment to RTM and Light RTM process technology. In addition to high quality pumping systems, the RTM division of Magnum Venus Plastech can provide hands-on Light RTM training, including mold making technology.

    Magnum Venus Plastech’s latest developments include the Patriot pleural component pumping system, designed for superior mix and metering performance. More accurate mixing of resin and catalyst provides better end products with fewer post cure defects. And, Magnum Venus Platech recently introduced the 5 Gallon Putty and Adhesive System. These new systems eliminate the need to use a 55 gallon barrel when pumping putty and adhesive, making them ideal for smaller putty and adhesive projects.

    Unlike other machinery suppliers, MVP (Hong Kong-China) Ltd. does not sell raw materials. Our primary mission is to supply the latest technology, of the highest quality, at competitive prices, with superior after sales service.

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